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yo. i'm Katie;;;   i make themes & i ♥ Nick Carter.
Leonardo better win an oscar.


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do you ever get the hiccups and you hate them and they won’t go away for so long and then suddenly they stop and it feels weird and you try and make yourself hiccup again but they’re gone now


okay i’ve never done one of these so i figured why not do one for my birthday? and since i don’t want to give away any of my stuff, i figured i will buy someone something fall out boy related :)
yep, there’s rules sry:
mbf me (nostalgic4disaster)
whatever item(s) you choose can not be over $40 including shipping. so if it costs $40, and there’s $5 shipping, nope. $40 minimum please (i’m poor so)
plz stick to online stores (amazon, go merch, etc) so i don’t have to go to like hot topic or something and have to deal with the post office
no likes bc if this actually gets notes, it will just confuse me so reblogs only plz
if this gets 50+ notes, i will choose the winner on Patrick’s birthday! 4/27
i will either choose my fave or just put it in a random generator.. you guys can vote & lmk which you think i should do?
goodluck x
Anonymous inquired:
OMG, you're back on my dashboard! It's been forever! Great to have you back. Love your blog.